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Taxi Yuma Az Service

300w_taxicabsign4Taxi Service in Yuma, Somerton, and San Luis – Full Transportation Service

Call now!  928-271-8001

Have you ever asked a friend for a ride to the airport, only to have them back out at the last minute? Have you ever been frustrated as you attempted to navigate a new city? Have you ever wished you could work during your drive from the hotel to a meeting? There is a simple solution—call a taxi. Yuma Qwik Cab is there for you as the only reliable Yuma taxi.

Yuma Qwik Cab is available for transportation to major events, airport pick-ups, and rides to hotel and resorts. We are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality, easy transportation services.

  • Taxis/Cabs: We have the largest fleet of taxis in Yuma. Our vehicles are regularly cleaned and maintained to ensure safe, comfortable rides for each of our customers.
  • Yuma taxi to the airport
  • Yuma cab to Somerton
  • Yuma cab from Somerton
  • Yuma taxi from the airport
  • Yuma taxi to San Luis
  • Yuma taxi from San Luis
  • Yuma cab service to the greyhound
  • Yuma cab service from the greyound
  • Yuma taxi service to Algodones
  • Yuma taxi service from Algodones
  • Taxi Yuma AZ to work
  • Taxi Yuma AZ to school
  • Taxi Yuma AZ to the hospital

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